Montessori teacher

Min 6-12 Month

  • Develop and maintain a constructive and ongoing rapport with children and parents.
  • Create activities that are fun and educational for the children.
  • Collaborate with other teachers to ensure that the school fosters an environment that is inviting and nurturing for every child.
  • Deliver reports on potential concerns about students as to management as needed.
  • Manage day-to-day classroom activities, including structured lessons, free play, bathroom breaks, lunch time and rest time for students.


( Only Chennai Canditates apply )

Freshers / Experianced

  • Interacting via various channels, such as live chat, emails, social media and direct calls.
  • Modifying sales pitches in response to customer demand.
  • Acquiring and retaining contact information databases.
  • Put forward suggestions in accordance with the requirements of the consumer.
  • Ensure a smooth procedure for the consumer by transferring windows of opportunity to the appropriate department for further action.

Digital Marketing Excutive

min 2yrs

  • overseeing and developing marketing campaigns.
  • conducting research and analysing data to identify and define audiences
  • devising and presenting ideas and strategies
  • promotional activities & managing campaigns on social media.
  • compiling and distributing financial and statistical information
  • writing and proofreading creative copy
  • maintaining websites and looking at data analytics
  • organising events and product exhibitions
  • updating databases and using a customer relationship management (CRM) system
  • coordinating internal marketing and an organisation’s culture
  • monitoring performance

Creative Designer

min 1yr

  • Staying up to date with industry trends to keep ahead of competitors
  • Producing consistently excellent visual work
  • Producing a host of ideas, selecting the best ones and selling them to the other members of the team and to clients
  • Encouraging others to share their ideas and nurturing creativity
  • Communicating productively with management and clients to keep them up-to-date with project milestones
  • Creating direction for projects and guiding team members

Content Writer

min 2yrs

  • Education industry-related topics (combining Technology and Training)
  • Write clear marketing copy to promote our products/services
  • Prepare well-structured drafts using Content Management Systems
  • Proofread and edit blog posts before publication
  • Coordinate with marketing and design teams to illustrate articles
  • Conduct simple keyword research and use SEO guidelines to increase web traffic
  • Promote content on social media
  • Identify customers’ needs and gaps in our content and recommend new topics
  • Ensure all-around consistency (style, fonts, images,design and tone)
  • Update website content as needed.


Freshers & Experienced

  • Actively teach students, create lesson plans, assign and correct tests, assignments & homework, manage students in the classroom, communicate with parents, help students prepare for standardized testing, Attend weekly staff meetings, work with individual students to improve their abilities and to overcome their challenges.

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