Education Consultant

c-ROOTS-Nurturing Campus roots

Our goal is to bring creativity in routine education, which will help the students to unwind their potentials and master their own talent. We believe that learning is a life-long process where the passion for education is built in schools.

Increasing the valuation of the school and take over

Vibrant will own the school for a period of 6 months, and will provide the change in a visible way to show an attraction to their own investors.

Vibrant will hold the responsibility to enhance the below in a structured way:

  • 1. Brand Visibility
  • 2. International Connect
  • 3. System & Process , Digital Integration
  • 4. SOP Business Mode

5 Level Operations

  • Observation & Analaysis
  • Vision & Mission Alignment
  • Culture Alignment, Belief system
  • Documentation & Leadership forum
  • Execution & Monitoring